MKE Week 16 – Too Well Trained

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Recently my Master Key Experience has revealed I am too well trained.

By this I mean, I have always had the ability to connect with my highest self, higher power or God. However, you define it.

I did NOT share this others. The way I was raised that only “The church” could do this connection. I was sort of minimized that I was the devil.

I have had a great success in the Information Technology (IT) field because I could always field the fault (problem) with a system. My employers would give me projects because I could find the problems before they wee released to the customer of the system.

I have realized this really showing my negativity bias. Interesting this negativity bias has served me well in the IT field.

However, this negativity bias is really NOT helping me effectively shaking off the cement encasing the “Golden Buddha.”

So, I feel like I am conflicted in the sense. I know the truth of who I am, but NOT successful of being this in the physical world.

Short term, I will be revising my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) with this newest self realization.

Master Keyers have a great week!

Michael of the Uplifters!

Meet Michael Harder

Currently work as Senior Information Technology (IT) professional – Systems Engineer. Business experience includes Banking, Insurance, IT Outsourcing and Telecommunications industries. Born in Japan and now reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Other than work, self improvement, and doing spiritual work, I enjoy working out the gym by throwing my own private dance party. 

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  • Michael, your growth is impressive. Just the fact that you recognize and are more aware of who you are is incredible.

  • What great insight, Michael. Awesome to be kind to yourself and see how you’re growing!

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