MKE Week 13 – Warrior Princess is grateful

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As my piles of cards continues to grow, I love that we are now adding gratitudes to them. There is so much to be grateful for every single day! Adding them into our piles of accomplishments is amazing. Now as I flip through those cards, I see what I have accomplished and things I am grateful for. It’s hard to be upset, or have a bad day when you have piles of cards to flip through that have such positivity.

I love this whole concept of the card piles. The brilliance of putting all those things together! I totally understand what this will do for subby and it’s pure genius!

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I am a widowed mother of 3 amazing young adult children. I moved to Tyler, Texas a year ago to start a new chapter in my life. I am an entrepreneur, and have many dreams I am pursuing.

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  • I’m glad you’re enjoying the experience of writing and reading the gratitude and accomplishments cards. It truly is a great way to stay focused on positivity.

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