MKE Week 13 – When a NARC is good!

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So I have never been a narc’ … and nobody every liked them, right?

But then there is narc’ and N A R C. When we practice the art of N A R C, we have the ability to change our habits and our lives. It takes practice … trust me.

The skills we are learning in how to do this effectively seem innocuous on their own but once you pull them together and see the greater picture, it is actually highly effective and mind-blowing for some. Discipline and Persistence and surrendering to the process is key.

Speaking in riddles? Some think so, but then this is why taking the MKE course and doing the work are crucial to me. I so wish I had heard about this course years ago . . . frustrating now as taking longer for me than it should (too much bad conditioning has seeped in). However I am learning how to overcome the frustration too!

NARCing and making change … YAY!

Gilli McKenzie

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  • You are noticing some amazing gems in your life from the time you’ve put into yourself on this MKE course Gilli.

  • When the student is ready, the teacher appears. I HAD heard about MKE for about 4 or 5 years before joining. I just wasn’t ready earlier.

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