MKE Week 3 – Challenges in defining my DMP

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As I embark on the journey of defining my Definite Major Purpose (DMP), I recognize that encountering challenges and resistance is a natural part of the process, particularly when transitioning from an old blueprint to a new one.

Despite these obstacles, I am encouraged by the strong inner drive propelling me forward, signaling a positive indication of my commitment to this journey.

In my quest for clarity, I am currently exploring what truly inspires me and what brings me the most fulfillment. My legacy embodies the values and principles I aspire to impart to future generations, reflecting my desire to leave a meaningful impact on the world.

Taking deliberate steps towards clarity, I am focusing on both liberty and legacy while envisioning my ideal future. This involves visualizing specific moments of achievements and experiences that symbolize success to me, fostering an emotional connection with my DMP that will serve as a driving force for my motivation.

I understand that this process may entail starting with small steps, recognizing that even the smallest actions can contribute to the realization of my aspirations. Additionally, I acknowledge that refining my DMP is an ongoing journey, and I remain open to revisiting and adjusting it as I gain deeper insights and clarity along the way.

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  • You are well on your journey, Chrislyn. I see it in all your polos and zooms. Cheering you on!

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