MKE Week 12 – Love, actually, is all around!

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In our “lesson” this week the focus was on LOVE. Love is such a powerful feeling and when you truly feel it, you feel it throughout your body and your thoughts.

So I found the “exercise” around this intensified it even more. I have a particular being (no longer with me) that I think about when I need to flip into love, when it has slipped or a negative situation arises. To do the exercise I thought about this being and focused.

Following the exercise, love appeared everywhere; in topics of those around me, in songs that popped up on shuffle play in spotify and in the clouds. My favourite of the “exercises” to-date!

If ever anyone needed a demonstration of the power of thought and how it transmutes into physical reality, then you now have it.

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  • Well done, Gillian. It is great to notice what you are focusing on, and that expands in your life!

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