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After diving into MKE for week twenty a couple of times, something clicked for me. The principle in sentence 27, “we must be, before we can do,” is like saying you can’t serve from an empty cup.

It’s about understanding that our actions are deeply connected to our internal state — who we are. This concept highlights the crucial role of fostering a positive and growth-oriented mindset as the key to finding fulfillment and success.

So, let’s break it down a bit. Our actions and accomplishments act like mirrors reflecting our internal landscape — our character, values, and mindset. The journey begins within; it emphasizes the need to develop a positive internal state before venturing into external actions. This internal alignment becomes our compass, guiding us on our path.

Success in our external actions is tied to our present state of being. The qualities and attributes we hold internally shape the outcomes of our external endeavors. This concept encourages us to embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal development, expanding our capacities for meaningful actions.

What we are depends on what we think; our thoughts and beliefs shape our identity. Positive thoughts become architects of a positive internal state, propelling us toward fulfillment and success. On the flip side, negative thoughts can cast shadows on our potential, emphasizing the transformative power embedded in our thinking patterns.

This process harmonizes with the foundational idea that cultivating a positive mindset is not just beneficial but fundamental. Choosing thoughts aligned with our aspirations molds our character. Consequently, actions stemming from this positive internal state become catalysts for fulfillment and success.

In essence, “be before you can do” is timeless wisdom — a roadmap for navigating life’s journey with authenticity, self-awareness, and a firm commitment to personal and professional development.

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  • Yes, well done! It all starts with thought – so we need to keep our thoughts positive. You got it!!

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