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So much has improved since I started the MKE.

I’m so thankful that I decided when I started the experience, I committed to let my daughter know what I’m doing & unless either of us felt what I was doing was harmful in any way, I would go all in & I would do exactly what was asked of me to the very best of my ability.

Was I skeptical? 100%, but I jumped in anyway. The result is subtle, but powerful:

• I’ve already made half the profit in 2024 that I made in all of 2023.

• I actually work on my business about half to two thirds the amount of time I used to.

• I feel much more connected to the service I perform than I ever did before.

• Most of my business is referrals and people calling me out of the blue.

• I’m having much more fun working than I can ever remember having before.

• I am much more conscious of giving and receiving & that feels so good.

I realize MKE will end soon, but I’m not anxious or worried about what happens after. The habits I’ve formed and the knowledge I’ve gained will continue as long as I choose, and for that I’m profoundly grateful.

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  • Congrats Dana. So good to read about how much you have improved and that your business thriving. Glad to hear you’re not anxious.

  • Hi Dana, You are committed to the exercises and new habits you have acquired. Cheering you on

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