MKE Week 20 – Fear is a 4 Letter Word

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The idea that fear can be a motivator doesn’t sit well with me.

After all, aren’t we supposed to be focusing on positive things? If I do all the traditional things we are supposed to do like “stare down your fears” or “take your fears on like a champ” or whatever the current method du jour from the motivational speaker camp is, then doesn’t that put me into a frame of mind that my thoughts are focused directly onto the object I am working to eliminate!

Well, if the last 20 weeks have taught me anything, it would be that my mind is the most powerful thing I have going for me. If I acknowledge whatever I fear but treat it like an ember from a campfire that lands on my clothing and is quickly flicked away, and I use the Law of Substitution to then focus on what I want, fear, by very definition, must take a back seat.

Since fear is an emotion that is based on a preconceived expected outcome, If I can alter that, then have I not changed my “within” which in turn changes my without? I expect nothing less…see what I did there?

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  • I am a little confuzzled by this too. Your point rings true…if we think of the fear to use it as a tool, that is contrary to what we’ve been learning all these weeks. I very much look forward to learning the answers.

  • I agree. If you live in the now how do you change the outcome of fear if fear is in the future?

  • Hi Ron, The word picture of flicking an ember off of your clothing, is liken to a negative thought out of your mind is an example of how quickly one must act on that negative. Good post. Cheering you on.

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