MKE Week 20 – For So Long I’ve Been Pretending

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As a society norm they teach that we are searching for the real us, in pursuit of all these things when all along we always had the answer.

So why do we need social media to tell us what we need to do to be accepted, to be fashionable, to be popular, to be respected and recognized and the list continues on for a lifetime.

But who is really running your life? It certainly isn’t you, after all, you listen to all these people, all these voices coming at you every day so we can easily blame them that you are a failure and that you never succeed because if your circumstances were different and this person hadn’t hurt you or betrayed you this would have worked out and blah blah blah!!

Ok so here is a revelation, YOU ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! And those actions and or/ in actions are a result of you, no one else! You created this ungodly mess of your life, it’s time you accept responsibility and cut the bullsh*t!!

What you think about grows so as the universal law has to carry out and manifest the reflection of everything you are thinking in that mind of yours it has no choice to, its natural law. So, if you aren’t succeeding and are a failure that is because the world within is screwed up and that is easy to see with the results of the world without!

So, I digress, how do we fix it? By learning and practicing the laws of the mind and answering the call of the Hero’s Journey. And here’s a huge one, ACCEPTING RESPONSIBILITY and giving yourself PERMISSION to accept the new reality that so badly wants to come out of you!

So, ask yourself this question, What Am I Pretending Not To Know?!! You have spent all these years following the crowd and doing as they do because you were taught to be this from your upbringing by your schooling but in reality, you have been pretending to be someone else because you didn’t know that you had the answer all along!!

So as I wrap this up ask yourself this now that you know you’ve been pretending, What Would The Person I Intend To Become Do Next?!!

Until next time, and there will be a next time!!

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  • Bravo Shannon! Love your enthusiasm in your blog and the “call to thought” for all of us to look within, take 100% responsibility, and trust ourselves to listen to the voice and guidance within to embrace our authentic self. Cheering you on your Hero’s Journey!

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