MKE Week 20 – Grateful to the Universal Mind

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For the last couple months, I have set the intention to create an additional income stream to double my current income.

With some adjustments to my existing job and additional hours, I just realized that I have in effect just doubled my existing income, realizing my goal. And yet, I have made no progress on my additional income stream.

As that additional income stream comes on-board, I will then have increased my income 4 times the original. As I continue to project thoughts of expansion and abundance, I am reassured that powers beyond my ken will align persons and events to reach my initial goal.

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  • Keep that vision David, can you see the potential in your capacity to manifest? Well done!

  • Congrats David on focusing on your intention and allowing the power of the universal mind to work on your behalf. You gave yourself permission to believe it is possible. So happy for you and everyone you positively impact by your example.

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