MKE Week 20 – Harmonious Thought

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Good, happy, constructive, positive…

Evil, disturbed, destructive, negative…

By now, after 20 weeks of MKE we know that what we think – we are! What are YOU thinking about? What you think about you attract and you manifest in your life. If you are spending your day depressed, unhappy, worrying about debt or someone that wronged you – THAT is what your life will be like.

That was me before I started in the Master Key Experience last September. Since then, I have learned that what I think about on a daily basis, multiple times a day, is what my life will be like. I learned that I DO have a choice, we all do!

That’s what this whole thing is about. Becoming a self-directed thinker who stops following the herd and makes my own positive, healthy decisions. Mentally feeding my hungry mind with good, happy, constructive and positive thoughts about the person that I want to become.

I had to learn to Let go! Replace the old habits, the old blueprint that I had been living my entire life by. I had to let the old blueprint die!

Thought which is in harmony with the Universal Mind will result in corresponding conditions. Thought which is destructive or discordant will produce corresponding results. You may use the thought constructively or destructively, but the immutable law will not allow you to plant a thought of one kind and reap the fruit of another. You are free to use this marvelous creative power as you will, but you must take the consequences.

The Master key, Charles Haanel, 20:28

We found out this week about a host of new tools that we can also use: fear, hurt feelings, anger, guilt, unworthiness and more. How can these things possibly be a tool that will help us? We are all masterminding on how these things can become opportunities to expand our comfort zones.

All those nice safe places where we run to when things don’t go our way. That nice comfy safe place that keeps us from moving forward.

We have all heard the saying that a ship in a harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for!

Sailing on to Week 21 and beyond!

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  • Hi Mike, Yes to the use of the law of substitution. Changing those thoughts to opportunities from past negative thinking. Way to go. Cheering you on

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