MKE Week 20 – Just What Are We Capable Of?

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My blog is late. No excuses. But I am happy to report that it has been a fantastic week.

I will share one of this week’s mind musing that is…well, I cannot wordsmith well for this. Mind-blowing is the modern idiom; the internet suggests astonishing, eye-opening, hallucinatory, mind-altering, mind-boggling, overwhelming, psychedelic, staggering, stunning, wonderful. I absolutely agree with wonderful and would add beautiful and amazing.

We are told two things cannot occupy the same space and time. We learn all about that in school science and see it in movies and read it in books. And yet…that is the physical world.

In the spiritual realm….

According to Haanel, it can and does.

An understanding and appreciation of the fact that the infinite power is omnipresent and is therefore in the infinitely small as well as the infinitely large will enable us to absorb its essence, a further understanding of the fact that this power is spirit and therefore indivisible will enable us to appreciate IT’S PRESENT AT ALL POINTS AT THE SAME TIME.” (emphasis mine)

The Master Key Experience, Charles Haanel, Chapter 20, part 16

. . .He must be in you. That if He is all in all you must be in Him!

The Master Key Experience, Charles Haanel, Chapter 20, part 31

So, we are both in Him and He in us.

Yet that is not Him fitting in amongst the “empty space” between our protons, neutrons and electrons. And us fitting somewhere in “empty space” of Him. Our spirits exist in the same space and time as His. Almost unfathomable. Hard to envision, understand or comprehend.

Until one thinks of the light spectrum. Or our hearing. Any of our physical senses. I will stick with the sight and the light spectrum.

We know there is much to be seen outside the spectrum humans are able to see with our physical eyes. What is light? That is a debate amongst scientists but I do know that our brains interpret a stimulus being received. Each color has a different frequency. And we learn “that is red” because our parents and teachers and the world taught us so.

There are machines and lenses we can use to see ultra-violet or infra-red—colors that are surround us, bombard us but are unseen by us because our physical, human eyes cannot see them—those colors are outside of the frequency range of our physical capabilities.

Everything has a frequency. What all is out there in the physical realm that we are missing because it is outside of our senses’ frequency range capabilities?

Now, move into the spiritual. What is my spiritual ability? What is my range of spiritually sensing something that is there but I cannot sense it because it is not in my range?

God, The Creator, The Universal Mind, ALL OF YOU, me . . . that is what is there.

And not in the “empty spaces” of my physical body but at the same space in the same time! WE exist at the same space at the same time. I am in Him, He is in me, I am in you and you are in me IN THE SAME SPACE AT THE SAME TIME!

If you believe the words Jesus spoke, really think about what he did and was capable of. Really think about that. And he says we will do GREATER?

Goodness…. just what am I capable of? What are we all capable of?

Mind-blowing doesn’t even begin to describe the possibilities.

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  • Thank you, Roxie. I look forward to more time pondering this. As a science-fiction reader and watcher, I remember so many scenes where when frequency was changed, some “machine” would dial things just right and suddenly bunches of invisible things around would become visible. Again, that is the physical…I believe it’s true with the spiritual too. It really is about us tuning in. Haanel mentions us being the receivers and transmitters. To ponder things not occupying different space but existing in the same space at the same time…it’s interesting to say the least

  • I loved the “empty space” idea. It really put it into perspective for me. Thank you!

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