MKE Week 20 – Lift our minds from fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness

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This could not be a better week to do the exercise of posting in the alliance section, on fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings and unworthiness. Sunday’s call was a something I really needed. I have been under a lot of stress this week which I allow myself to not admit so I don’t feed into it.

I’ve had two situations going on this week: one being fear that can turn into anger,
the other fear combined with sadness (I’m not sure if sadness could fall under hurt feelings(?)

One incident is my husband and I have been looking to buy (or build) another home for many years now. We’ve put money down on lots in the past and then I start stressing over the payments and we end up pulling out.

Thanks to this class I am finally understanding myself better and I now know as a white I need to sit on things, think them over, don’t rush me, and most of the time I will not make that purchase I have been wanting or needing no matter how big or small it may be.

This past week we put a payment down on a lot in the inter coastal here in Florida which we’ll need to build on within 5 years. It is more than I want to spend especially being my husband has less then 4 years until mandatory retirement and I want everything paid off before retirement. May I mention, I am very comfortable in the house we are in, the neighborhood we live in, our family and friends live close by, I’ve got my doctors not too far away and shopping is at our fingertips right down the road from us. Our house is almost paid off and we are starting to remodel the house we built 24 years ago.

We are avid Dave Ramsey followers and have no debt. Which makes me VERY, VERY comfortable where I am, allowing me and my husband to have the luxury to pick up and travel whenever we wish, help our friends and family members out when they need it, and visit our daughters in TN. I question myself…why do I need to leave this comfort zone I am in if I am happy here? This is something I struggle with.

I am so blessed my husband is taking this course with me. He knew how I was feeling and told me the day before Sunday’s call I am stuck in my comfort zone and because of that I am not allowing bigger things to come into our lives. We also watched “What the Bleep do we Know?”… I realized he was right. On Sunday, Mark talked about being stuck in our comfort zone, this is just what I needed to hear.

I realize feeling discomfort in our lives makes us want to stay in our safe zone where it isn’t so scary, but at what price? Most will never know what their lives can truly be, living their wildest dreams to the fullest if they only knew how.

We can fail to recognize this world within, and so exclude it from our consciousness, but it will still be the basic fact of all existence; and when we learn to recognize it, not only in ourselves, but in all persons, events, things and circumstances we shall have found the “Kingdom of Heaven” which we are told is “within” us.

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel, Chapter 20, Part 11

By letting stress, fear, or anxiety creep into our minds this makes us weak, causes us to be sick and literally stops our dreams from manifesting.

Haanel 20-12

Our failures are a result of the operation of exactly the same principle; the principle is unchangeable; its operation is exact, there is no deviation; if we think lack, limitation, discord, we shall find fruits on every hand; if we think poverty, unhappiness or disease, the thought messengers will carry the summons as readily as any other kind of thought and the result will be just as certain. If we fear a coming calamity, we shall be able to say with Job, “the thing I feared has come upon me”, if we think unkindly or ignorantly, we shall thus attract to ourselves the results of our ignorance.

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel, Chapter 20, Part 12

I am working hard to establish new habits and positive routines throughout my day every day by continuing Oz, Haanel, and the verities readings. Working on the sits, the blueprint builder, DMP, the gal in the glass and constantly looking for acts of kindness all around me. 
I feel much happier since I have been taking this class and I’m hoping to get to a point where I can live my life how I want when I want without having to have in the back of my mind, “can I afford this?”

And to close, I love this from Haanel:

“In Him we live and move and have our being” is literally and scientifically exact! That you ARE because He IS, that if He is Omnipresent He must be in you. That if He is all in all you must be in Him! That He is Spirit and you are made in “His image and likeness” and that the only difference between His spirit and your spirit is one degree, that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole. When you can realize this clearly you will have found the secret of the creative power of thought, you will have found the origin of both good and evil, you will have found the secret of the wonderful power of concentration, you will have found the key to the solution of every problem whether physical, financial, or environmental.

The Master Key System, Charles Haanel, Chapter 20, Part 31
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  • Cheryl, how beautifully expressed. You know you’ve made the right decision when you can feel the weight lifted off your shoulders, the tightness in the neck disappears, the knot in your stomach dissipates and you trust yourself with the peace and excitement it brings. Now comes the hardest part… picking out the countertops and door knobs.

    I’m excited for you! These past 21 weeks with the MKE have really been worth it.

  • Cheryl – It’s amazing to see you diving deep into personal growth and recognizing the power of your thoughts and actions. Keep focusing on those positive routines and habits. Remember, it’s not about affording it, it’s about creating the life you desire. Keep up the great work!

  • Thank you so much Joan. You always amaze me how you respond to everyone’s posts. You’re so sweet.

  • You do SUCH a wonderful job in this share, Cheryl. Thank you! I love this awareness that is expanding your comfort zone: “Most will never know what their lives can truly be, living their wildest dreams to the fullest if they only knew how.” Cheering you and Ron on and on and on and on to a big and wonderful future.

  • Cheryl I can attest to how wonderful living on the intracoastal in Fla. Jumping on your boat with such wonderful places to go, see and eat. I am so glad your husband gave you the nudge. I am a bright red and I often have difficulty with the patience needed to deal with a white making a decision. Trust in the Universe .

  • Cheryl, it’s amazing how you’ve integrated so much, and you’re seeing the miracles and gifts that come back to you when you do the work. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • Hi Cheryl, It is so good to hear that you and your husband have received peace and happiness through the MKE. It’s been a delight to get to know you better through your posts. Cheering you on.

  • Thanks for sharing your challenges and insights that you are gaining! I enjoyed getting to know you better as you told your story.👏🤗

  • Cheryl, your courage and self-awareness are shining through! You’ve got this. Keep pushing forward!

  • Thank you for your transparency and vulnerability. So excited to be on this journey with you and Ron.

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