MKE Week 20 – Old, Cured Concrete

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Is it just me? We are 20 weeks in, I can more and more clearly see the person I intend to become every day. My DMP, all the new habits and everything we’ve been doing for the past 20 weeks, is slowly chipping away at the concrete.

Some of the concrete, perhaps newer concrete towards the surface, chipped away fairly easy as we started this experience. As I’m on this journey, I have noticed that some of the concrete is not as easy to chip away.

Perhaps that concrete has been with me for a very long time, it is better cured, perhaps I wasn’t even recognizing it as concrete, but now I do. It is taking a heavier hammer and a little longer to chip away. It is chipping away, and it is coming off.

This week we have more tools (heavier hammers) to use to continue to chip away at that concrete. Masterminding on turning fear, guilt, anger, hurt feelings, and unworthiness into tools to get us to the outer edge of comfort is brilliant, and the timing is perfect.

We are now self-directed thinkers and can truly grasp the power behind this. The concrete, no matter how cured or old it is, has no chance!

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  • Pedro, I enjoyed reading about how you’ve been able to use the tool’s you’re learning about to chip away the concrete of your old cement Buddha. You’re doing a great job being a self-directed thinker. Bravo!

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