MKE Week 20 – Power Hidden Within

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As we start to say goodbye to some of our MKE Class mates in six weeks.

This week is how to harness our negative feelings into positive ones using the potential power hidden within. These Negative feelings can be transformed into motivation for positive change and personal growth.

When we are feeling guilt, we can find meaning in adversity using as a guide the seven laws of growth, to reflect on our actions by sitting quietly and make amends, when necessary, by self-reflection.

I consider how I can align my behavior with my values in the future and take responsibility by committing to making a positive change.

Using our daily sits, reading aloud the OG words allow us to express our feelings gain clarity and cultivate empathy. Continuing to work toward my DMP, journaling helps gain insight into the inner world of oneself.

One of mine is creative expression I’m using it to channel my emotions to embrace the process of creation, and allow my imagination to flourish. Communication with our mastermind partner we can harness their power to cultivate positive meaning and growth in our lives.

As we began to take MKE classes 20 weeks ago with Mark ,Fab D and team, they are teaching us to use our own master mind to allow it to grow using the lamp and processing our own meaning for the rest of our journey through out our lives. I am very grateful for this.

Thank you MKE team!

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  • Terri, it’s been exciting to see you expand your comfort zone by expressing your creativity with the help of masterminds. Keep it up! Keep it up!

  • Great to read that you are able to use your creative expression to channel your emotions to embrace the process of creation, and allowing your imagination to flourish Terri.

  • Hi Terri, It’s exciting to hear about your growth throughout the MKE course. And it is great to hear your imagination is flourishing. Cheering you on.

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