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This week’s blog as usual has so many avenues that one could go down. I was first thinking I should write about Scroll V and the death exercise. Then this week’s reading had me look at a few words and I thought let’s write about them. I recognized each item could become a short to long blog in and of themselves. On second thought I decided I should just go with some reflections on a few.

My wife came home yesterday and said I don’t know if you remember I have this bag at the office which contains all the cards that we got at our wedding. Which took place 33 and a half years ago. I’m like not really, then she says more than half the people have passed.

This led to a conversation around these questions which I brought up: Had they lived their purpose, what would they give for another day, where they more deserving? etc. I know one of her actor friends had recently passed which prompted this look into the bag. Then the ultimate question becomes who decides if someone satisfied their purpose on earth.

As you might imagine even, we when we stopped with no conclusion it carried on in my mind. That brings me to some other things that were on my mind this week. Words I looked up Silence, Inspiration, clairvoyant, and Pranic Energy to name a few. I feel I should focus on the word spell check can’t spell, just joking. The other words should be readily discernible to most conscious people. Right?

Pranic Energy, Pranic Ether, the vital life force. The Sanskrit word for this is Prana, the bioenergy or vital energy that keeps the body alive and maintains good health. As Haanel says and I would imagine all energy workers would concur it is the breath of life.

This is what sustains us and how we know that we live and move and have our being in him, because he is closer than my breath.

He says that it is the life of the solar plexus. One form of breathing is breathing into the solar plexus or belly if you will, up to the heart space that gives one life, love, and Spirit. This Pranic Energy or Prana or Ki can balance the body and create healing.

The power of thought the secret of inspiration and all genius… Use it.

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  • As I read your post, I flashed back to a bag with cards from our wedding 32 years ago. I haven’t look at them for decades…
    I, too, looked up inspiration and Prana, as I devoured Part 20. I appreciate the validation of my own study and reflection. And as I finished reading, I did it with a smile! Thank you for adding to my day!

  • Hi Michael, Silence and inspiration, are two powerful words that bring us into focus with our purpose. I enjoyed reading your post.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Michael, and definitions of some of the vocabulary we learned or relearned this week. I enjoyed reading your interpretations of things learned this week and reflections on death. I liked your closing sentence the best: “The power of thought the secret of inspiration and all genius…Use it.”👍🏽

  • So interesting to hear what you shared about your wife finding the wedding cards and so many had passed. I agree with you saying there were so many things that could be written about this week. Thanks for your insights!

  • You provided thoughtful reflections on a fantastic reading; thank you for sharing, Michael. I loved this week’s lesson, too. As you say, “Use it.”

  • “Then the ultimate question becomes who decides if someone satisfied their purpose on earth.” Powerful medicine.

  • Inspiring blog Michael. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Cheering you on as you continue to embrace your Hero’s Journey.

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