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The Master Key Experience-Week 20 Class last week was on Super Bowl Sunday, so it was at an earlier time in case we were planning to watch it. It was an excellent class and pulled together the lessons we have been learning so far in an interesting way.

We have been building small positive habits since week one, along with reading one of Og Mandino scrolls from The Greatest Salesman in the World each month (3 times a day). This week in the class, they correlated what we had been learning with Coach John Wooden’s – Pyramid of Success.

John Wooden developed the Pyramid of Success as a legendary basketball coach. His philosophy emphasizes personal development, excellence, and leadership. The pyramid consists of key characteristics and building blocks that Wooden believed were essential for achieving success, both on and off the basketball court.

He believed that embracing and embodying them could lead individuals and teams to achieve their full potential, both on and off the basketball court.

Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

John R. Wooden, Head Basketball Coach, Emeritus, UCLA

Here are some of the main characteristics outlined in the Pyramid of Success: Industriousness (emphasizing hard work, effort, and diligence), Enthusiasm (Having a positive attitude, passion, and energy in everything you do), Friendship (strong relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual support), Loyalty (Remaining committed to your team, friends, and principles, even in challenging times).

Cooperation (Working collaboratively with others towards common goals, recognizing the importance of teamwork), Self-control (Exercising discipline, restraint, and moderation in actions and emotions), Alertness ( Being attentive, observant, and responsive to opportunities and challenges).

Initiative (Taking proactive steps to pursue goals and make things happen, rather than waiting for opportunities to come to you), Intentness (Maintaining focus, determination, and perseverance in the face of obstacles and distractions), Condition (Taking care of your physical health, mental well-being, and overall fitness).

Skill (Continuously developing and honing your abilities through practice, learning, and improvement), Team spirit(Fostering a sense of unity, camaraderie, and shared purpose within a group or team), Poise ( Remaining calm, composed, and confident under pressure or adversity).

Confidence (Believing in yourself, your abilities, and your potential to succeed), Competitive greatness (Striving for excellence and giving your best effort in every situation, regardless of the circumstances).

Okay, I know that is an exceptionally extensive list and you may be wondering why I included all that. I can tell you that I am a work in progress so there is much yet for me to do. As I mentioned, I am in week twenty of this intensive class and there have been times I have been tempted to bail.

As we reviewed in our class on Sunday, I could see the correlations between the above list by Coach Wooden and the small steps we have been incorporating to build strength in many areas of our life.

Since September, the scrolls by Og Mandino from The Greatest Salesman in the World that we have read each month are:

Scroll I: I will form good habits and become their slave. (I have been implementing this since we started by the exercise assignments.)

Scroll II: I will greet this day with love in my heart. (Showing love to myself and looking for ways to show it to others each day)

Scroll III: I will persist until I succeed. (Parts of this class are easier than others for me and I am staying the course. The routines are becoming more ingrained and that helps!)

Scroll IV: I am nature’s greatest miracle. (Realizing that I am a miracle and so are you. We have a purpose.)

Scroll V: I will live this day as if it is my last. (We each have an hourglass and the sand is running. Learned to read obituaries and ask myself 3 questions when finished: what would that person give to change places with me and have just one more day, who can I let know how grateful I am for their presence today and how will I behave today to finish the masterpiece of my life elegantly?)

How beautifully this complements what John Wooden encourages. We have also been reading from other philosophers like Haanel and Emerson. The Master Key Team has consistently encouraged to keep our faith and family first and then put the other parts of our life in proper perspective.

That is a critical piece for me, and I see my faith nourished by spending more time in Silence and Meditation to allow God to pour His graces into me which then can flow more beautifully to others.

Last week I wrote about the movie Finding Joe. In my blog, I mentioned the “trance of comfort.” My new habits and knowledge are opening me to more possibilities. For me that’s progress on lifting the trance!

Till next week – What treasures will you find in learning something new?

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I am a Woman of Faith – Wife, Mother, and Grandmother - Love my Family and Friends - Encourager of Health and Wellness.
I have pursued personal development for years! Thankful for my friend who introduced me to classes leading up to this unique Master Key Experience.

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  • Hi Patricia, Your post gives us an excellent description of John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. I found the explanation of each characteristic very helpful. I appreciate you sharing with us.

  • Patricia, your journey of growth and learning is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your insights. Keep going strong!

  • Inspiring blog Pat! You have certainly embraced your Hero’s journey and stayed the course even when things may have been challenging or felt unfamiliar. Thanks for leading by example and showing others how to expand their comfort zone. Cheering you on!

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