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I was reminiscing today about how far I’ve come thanks to this Master Key Experience class. I was chatting with the guy that had recommended Mark and his Master Key Experience class, to me this morning.

I was talking to him about how when I first started this job at the monument shop, it was more out of desperation for a job than anything else. I had come from the event industry where the pace was much more rapid. To go from that to this where I see 3 people per week, IF I am lucky, was a bit of a pill to swallow.

I was telling my friend about how I can’t wait to get to work now in my “private office” and start my habits etc. Yesterday, we got 15″ of snow and I was stuck home all day WISHING I could get to work and Not because I am a workaholic but because I couldn’t wait to do all my habits, as they make me Happy!

The reason for our chat was he used to be in the fitness industry and when I get to work every morning, I take off my coat, turn on the heat and jump right into my habits which first, consists of dropping into a plank position and starting my affirmations.

After a minute, I get up and go into a back room where I do all of my affirmations in full voice, outloud with Enthooosiasm! I was telling my friend today that I was getting bored with the planks so I decided to spice it up and do planks on my left and right, (its harder that way) just to mix things up a little bit.

He sounded kind of impressed. That, right there, got me thinking of just what I do now and call “habits” as I look around both rooms and see the “Guy In The Glass” hung up all over the place, these colored shapes that are also hung up around the place, the dozen or so affirmations I do outloud, 3 times per day. My reading, my service card, my POA card, My Giving & Receiving card, etc all of it.

Sometimes, I think to myself, Todd, what the hell are you doing all this for and why? My answer is, I LOVE IT! I love the way I feel now. I love that I am excited to go to work everyday and miss it when I am not here. I could never do at home what I do here! The place is too small and I’d be bugging the shit out of my step kids and wife, if I did.

I think I was a few months into the class when Nancy said out lout to me, So, your boss pays you to work on yourself and your Market America business and I was like, “That’s right!” It was almost an epiphany! I had never thought about it quite that way but never the less, it was true! My boss is literally paying my to take a self-improvement class and work My Market America business while I am HERE, supposedly selling monuments.

You’ve got to admit, It doesn’t Suck!

So, thank you Mark, Davene, Nancy, Brad and the rest of the gang! Thank you for helping me feel better about myself and my potential. Thank you for new habits! Thank you for my new blue print! So glad we found each other!

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  • Thanks so much Todd for sharing your story how your daily habits have been changing your life. I’m glad you look forward to doing your daily habits. It’s great you’re self directed and chose to do different types of planks to make your mind gym more interesting. Keep up the great work! 👍🏽

  • Hey Todd!! Thanks for sharing how you can now see your outlook changing on how you feel about doing the exercises.

  • Congrats Todd! So happy you have stayed the course and can see all the progress and growth you have experienced because you chose to engage in the mental exercises. Cheering you on as you continue on your Hero’s Journey!

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