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This week we were asked to be an observer of 5 things. Fear, Guilt, Hurt Feelings, Unworthiness and Anger and see where they come up in our lives on the daily. Are they getting in the way of us doing the things we know we need to do to grow our businesses?

I can honestly say I have experienced all of them when it comes to building my team and expanding my business.

Let’s start with Fear- At first, I was like its fear of rejection- but the more I sat on it this week, its not rejection I fear, it’s someone saying yes. The fear that I have is that I will not be good enough to help them succeed and they will want to leave my team in 6 months to a year.

In this sit, I focused on I am WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS AND HAPPY. I have everything I need to help them and if I don’t, I have a great team of senior leaders that are just a phone call away.

Next let’s tackle Hurt Feelings- So this one was a little deeper. I am not afraid that someone is going to hurt my feelings but I am afraid that if I ask certain people, the friendships (most acquaintances or past co-workers) might not want to talk to me anymore.

News flash Amy- you don’t talk to them on a regular basis, you don’t work with them anymore and in the past, neither of you have made the effort to continue a strong relationship after the superficial ones of work ended. I let this one go pretty easy!

Ok now Anger- Anger isn’t a feeling that I feel very often anymore which I think is 100% attributed to this course. If I feel it coming, I let it go and replace it with something happy. I think with this one, I am worried that people will be mad at me for the fact that I approached them about my business.

I sat on this, and one thing came to my head- IF THEY ARE TRULY YOUR FRIEND, THEY WANT YOU TO SUCCEED. You have something that many people want, and all you are asking is to show it to them. After that, it’s on them if they want to join you or run.

These last 2 were the biggest ones.

Guilt- Guilt is something I worry about feeling a lot. Guilt for succeeding in something where others failed. Guilt for taking time away from my family to take care of what I need to do for my business. Guilt for wanting to better my life and not being just ok with what I have so far. These all came into my mind in my sit.

These I sat on a bit longer because they were harder to just dismiss away. I know that I am worthy enough to succeed. I have the skills and knowledge and power to do so. I know that if I schedule my business around family time, everyone wins. I am grateful for everything that I have and have worked hard for so far and every day run those index cards reminding me that I am worthy.

Unworthiness- This is a big one! This is the one that is the hardest so far to get rid of. I am chipping away but can say it’s not as easy as the others. I am a middle child; my first marriage was emotionally abusive, and I have lived my life very ok with just being under the radar when it comes to work related things.

I would excel in my little bubble, but the rest of the company never really knew who I was. As I sat on this feeling, I saw myself standing like Wonder Woman. Feeling strong, powerful and unstoppable. This is the future me. She was showing me that it ok to succeed. To be amazing at what I do and to be an amazing human.

So in conclusion- This week I think even though I personally physically had a bad week being sick and dealing with a family of sicky kids, it was the best week internally. The realizations that I have had and the things I was able to work through were things I know that was holding me back. No more though.

So I raise my glass to the future me and say Back at Ya and nod.

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  • Inspiring blog Amy! So glad you are willing to look at those emotions from a different perspective and see how they can actually be useful tools along your Hero’s Journey. Cheering you on!

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