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As I embarked on this week’s journey, I initially felt like a hamster on a wheel, spinning in circles of confusion. However, after diving deep into the material and revisiting the lessons multiple times, I have gained a profound understanding of the metaphorical concept of “The Watchman at the Gate.”

This metaphor symbolizes the role of our conscious mind as a vigilant gatekeeper, diligently filtering and assessing the thoughts and impressions that seek entry into our subconscious realm.

With reasoning, critical thinking, and discernment, our conscious mind evaluates whether incoming thoughts align with our desires, goals, and intentions before permitting them passage through the gate to influence our subconscious.

Conversely, the subconscious mind represents our instinctive desires, emotions, and ingrained patterns of thinking. Operating on a more automatic and involuntary level, it absorbs and acts upon the thoughts and beliefs sanctioned by the watchman at the gate.

For me, this metaphor underscores the paramount importance of conscious awareness and deliberate thought management in harnessing the formidable power of the Law of Attraction.

By practicing mindfulness and exercising control over our thoughts, we can ensure that only positive, empowering, and harmonious beliefs are granted access to our subconscious mind. This intentional alignment enables us to manifest our desires and manifest the reality we envision.

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  • Excellent, Chrislyn, you got it! When the Watchman does his job, you get better thoughts and better results:)

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